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Make Your Robots Sensitive

with our force sensing solutions

UR robot with a force torque sensing solution by Bota Systems

Force Sensing Solutions

multi axis force torque sensors with intuitive design and robust technologies

As a result of years of research and design optimizations, Bota Systems is excited to introduce a new generation of force torque sensing solutions that simplifies force sensing.

Our sensors allow robots to interact with their environment with high-precision while minimizing the efforts robotic integrators need to automate an application or the time it takes for researchers to configure their robots for experiments.

Simplified Force Torque Hardware


Our highly-integrated force torque sensors include all the hardware and technologies needed to measure force and torque reliably within the sensor's protective housing. 


With traditional force torque sensors, time is needed to set-up cables, signal conditioners, or electronic boxes. Sometimes custom-designed adapters are needed or sensors need to be exchanged to meet the specific application requirements. Other times, sensors are too sensitive to their surrounding environment and must operate only in controlled conditions. 


With complicated sensor requirements, there are always insecurities about misinterpreting force measurements or outside factors affecting measurement outcomes. 

With our sensors, you can now plug-and-play.

Simplified Software Integrations

Our team of software engineers continually develops new code, so you do not.


We believe that an integrator should not write countless lines of code to have something usable. Bota Systems engineering team understands this and is eager to contribute by providing simple to use force-sensing technology in the robotics and automation community.


Currently, our sensors are compatible with ROS, MATLAB®, LabVIEW and our team continues to develop more, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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Make a Difference

Bota Systems UR Kits are an all-in-one force sensing solution
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Reliable Measurements

  • Drift free measurements 

  • Rugged design - IP67

  • High overload values

  • Stiff sensors with high sensitivity

  • 1000 Hz maximum update rate

  • Noise less than 0.01% of Nominal Range at 100 Hz for each axis

Our Products


Our most sensitive force torque sensor, for application where the slightest changes make a difference.

 SensONE is a force sensing solution for robots

The best force torque sensor for Collaborative Robots of up to 20 kg payload. No Adapter needed!

Rokubi force torque sensor with axial cable configuration

A high performance force torque sensor. The ideal sensor when space is limited. Unmatchable specs!

Customized multi-axial force torque sensors.

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