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Make Your Robots Sensitive

with our plug & play force sensing

Reduce Robotic Integration costs

Ultra compact 6-axis force torque sensors with IMU from Bota Systems

High performance and cost-effective, our sensors are solutions for robots that need to interact with humans and their environment. High overload values, as a result of a series of design optimization, make them an impact robust sensing module with integrated electronics. Our technology was initially developed for quadruped robots to measure the ground reaction forces when walking and running in harsh environments. Offering these features and built to be reliable, our technology can be used for robotic arms, construction robotsexoskeletons or prosthetic devices, force plates, robotic surgery platforms, underwater force sensing. 

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Make a Difference

Reliable Measurements

  • Drift free measurements 

  • Rugged design - IP67

  • High overload values

  • Stiff sensors with high sensitivity

  • 1000 Hz maximum update rate

  • Noise less than 0.01% of Nominal Range at 100 Hz for each axis

Our Products

 SensONE 6-axis force torque sensor product photo

The best Force Torque Sensor for Collaborative Robots of up to 20 kg payload. No Adapter needed!

Rokubi force torque sensor with axial cable configuration

A high performance Force Torque Sensor. The ideal sensor when space is limited. Unmatchable specs!

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