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We give machines the sense of touch

Our goal is to provide a key element towards the acceptance and introduction of robots in our daily lives. We envision that interaction between a robot and a human will become safer, easier and amusing. More people will get rid of repetitive tasks and will focus mostly on creative tasks. In recent years, research interest and innovation in robotics have exploded due to the dropping prices of key hardware components, advances in AI technology and the fact that robots have entered a state of sophistication that allows for extended real-life applications with enormous benefits. Robot utilization in the industry used to be an exclusive privilege of large-scale factories due to high acquisition, deployment and maintenance costs.  We aim to contribute towards accessibility in automation by developing state of the art sensing solutions for safer interaction with machines.

Bota Systems is composed of experienced engineers in robotics and experts with many years of development of robotic systems and sensors. From Robotic Systems Lab of ETH Zurich.


The Team

The Advisors

ETH Zurich Professor in Robotics.

Co-Founder of ANYbotics A.G.


Towards a passive adaptive planar foot with ground orientation and contact force sensing for legged robots

R Käslin, H Kolvenbach, L Paez, K Lika, M Hutter

2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)


ANYexo: A Versatile and Dynamic Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Yves Dominic Zimmermann, Alessandro Forino,  Robert Riener and Marco Hutter

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 


An Omnidirectional Aerial Manipulation Platform for Contact-Based Inspection

Karen Bodie, Maximilian Brunner , Michael Pantic, Stefan Walser , Patrick Pfandler , Ueli Angst , Roland Siegwart and Juan Nieto

Robotics: Science and Systems 2019 15(19)


Where Should I Walk? Predicting Terrain Properties from Images via Self-Supervised Learning

Wellhausen, Lorenz; Dosovitskiy, Alexey; Ranftl, René; Walas, Krzysztof; Cadena Lerma, Cesar; Hutter, Marco

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 4(2)


Haptic Inspection of Planetary Soils with Legged Robots

Kolvenbach, Hendrik; Bärtschi, Christian; Wellhausen, Lorenz; Grandia, Ruben; Hutter, Marco

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 4(2)


Low-velocity impact response of smart sandwich composite plates with piezoelectric tranducers: Modeling and experiments

TS Plagianakos, K Lika, EG Papadopoulos

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 27 (6), 774-785





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