Custom Force Torque Solutions


Get custom solutions with our ultra-compact sensing elements and electronics, integrated right into your machines. We also support custom development of multi axis force torque sensors. Feel free to contact us for any information about customization- and maybe we already have a solution for you!


  • Resolution: from 0.01 N and 0.001 Nm

  • Range: up to 100 kN and 50 kNm

  • Range to weight: up to 40 kN/kg

  • Resolution to Range: up to 0.05 N/kN

  • Degree of Protection: up to IP67

  • Overload factor: from 3 to 15

  • Weight: from 20 g

Wrist Force Torque Sensor for Kinova Jaco

Kinova Jaco wrist sensor is a fully integrated sensor. Its weight is minimized to satisfy the lightweight manipulator specs and as such it is used to measure precisely the interaction forces.