SensONE multi-axis force-torque sensor and camera on a UR3e Universal Robot

SensONE EtherCAT

The most dynamic force torque sensor with EtherCAT 

Technical Specifications

​At 220 grams, the SensONE EtherCAT is the most compact force torque sensor on the market for collaborative robots with EtherCAT.

The compact housing includes embedded advanced force torque sensor electronics, 6-DoF IMU, temperature sensors, and software integration with ROS, LabVIEW, MATLAB®.

> Range (Fxy, Fz, Mxy, Mz)

700 N, 1200 N, 15 Nm, 15 Nm


Degree of protection


Size (Diameter x Height)




Communication Interface

> Overload (Fxy, Fz, Mxy, Mz)

2500 N, 4500 N, 35 Nm, 40 Nm

> Noise free resolution at 1000 Hz

0.25 N, 0.2 N, 0.008Nm, 0.004Nm



Its EtherCAT output can deliver up to 1000 Samples per second. It is integrated with a 6-DoF IMU, Temperature sensors, IP67 and a big range of power supply from 7 to 70 V

  • An ultra-lightweight force torque sensor

  • Open-source software for ROS, Matlab, LabView 

  • Access to embedded filtering, resolution & sampling rate options

  • Direct force and torque data in N and Nm

  • Gravitational and inertial force torque disturbance compensation

  • Integrated electronics including inertial and temperature sensing

  • Ultra-low-noise signal at up to 1000 Hz measurements

  • Wide power supply range of 7-70 V

  • CE compatible

  • Dust and water-resistant

  • EMI Immunity

  • Overload protection

  • Integrated ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 mounting flange 

  • Universal Robots UR Cap available 

SensONE force torque sensor with EtherCAT on a machine robot

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Force Torque Applications

The SensONE EtherCAT is an industrial and premium lightweight 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor integrated with IMU for advanced applications in automation with collaborative robots and advanced robotics.

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  • Accurate measurements

  • High-frequency communication with EtherCAT

  • Low-cost all in one device

  • Inertial tool estimation with it's integrated IMU

  • Auto tool calibration

  • Orientation estimation

  • Can operate in extreme environments

  • High stiffness structure in a compact package

  • Overload protection

  • No mechanical adapter is needed for Cobots



''Reliable and easy to integrate mechanically and electrically, as well for the programming interface.''

     -Dr. Mohamed Bouri